Complete Home Repair Inc.
     Complete Home Repair Inc is a local remodeling and construction company, that is dedicated to distinguishing itself from the rest by providing the highest level of quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. This is so true that we have worked for 12+ years on referral alone.  Unlike most "hit and run contractor" we frequently return to our customers home to view and inspect the work we did previously. This allows us to continually improve our end product, and in most cases the project looks just like the day we finished! Just one of the things that has made us successful in the slow economic time is we are sensitive to the financial constraints people may have. We can give you multiple options to help fit you budget or goals. We are also able to scale up or down according to your needs. Be it a simple handyman repair job, or a full blown room addition with a kitchen and/or bathroom. 
       Due to the adverse weather we have had and are forecast to continue to have, we have gone to great lengths to educate ourselves on the latest process's for water management and mold abatement. 

If you require any information or referrals please feel free to contact me directly.

Scott Patterson